About Us

Mahavir Decoration is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat since 1985. Our company is fully equipped with high-quality goods, which is used decoration line. Our well-designed company includes Proch, Chairs, Pillows, Equipment of cooking incident. We make our client function joy full and memorable. We have done your function in such a way that it is our own function. we are so established that our company works with 2 Gujarati Movie and 1 Hindi Movie. We keep in mind the little thing in the small of events. Like: Hotel Booking, Chairs, Mandap, Choli Design, Hall Booking, Photographer Booking, Invitation Card Making, Band Booking, Car Service, Honeymoon Packages, etc...

Founder's Desk

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Tribute to Late Mr. Sandip Shah

Mahavir Decoration was founded in 1985 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a mission to decoration business. Mahavir Decoration was so famous, which placed the business at the top of the market. The company was founded by the late Mr. Sandip Shah. More than 50 customers of Mahavir Decoration is obsessed in only one year. Late Mr.Sandeep Shah makes Mahavir Decoration so famous by their cool behavior and principal of truth. His success formula is to fulfill customer expectations by establishing they're flawless. In their journey and serving over 50 plus clients, he has received admiration, guidance, appreciation, suggestion and at times criticism as well. 

Day after day he strengthens their resolve to move forward more resolutely in achieving their mission. He also integrates product in day to day to work to ensure smooth and efficient functioning and timely deliveries. He also investing in order to ensure smooth and efficient workflow and management. For the first time, Indian consumers were introduced to modern and efficient experience. The success in the Indian markets encouraged Mahavir Decoration to launch more variants in the following years. He has worked on a number of high profile projects for both historic and modern interiors and has appeared on various programmes.

Mr. Hemendra Shah

Co-Founder, Mahavir Decorators

Mr. Hemendra Shah is the co-founder of the company, being the director of the Mahavir Decoration he takes care of business development activity and client relationship. He also founded Mahavir Decoration on the principle of truth and morality. He believes in development by continuous improvement in quality as well as he believes in treating customers with respect and faith. By his hard work, the company also made their part in different types of movies decoration. Mahavir Decoration today has been flourished by advanced products and events.

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Mr. Yash Shah

Yash Shah is a well-known and reputed Event Manager in the Mahavir Decoration in Branding & Marketing communications, management consulting, Public Relations. He is focusing on structuring an Event.

Meet the Executive Team

Company team

Jay Shah, IT Executive

He is the IT Executive of Mahavir Decoration. He has experience of over 5 years not only in IT Executive but also in the management of Mahavir Decoration.  He is focusing on driving the growth of the business including global expansion.